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6/1/2017:  I would like to try something a friend recommended. For the month of June we will have photography Quick Sessions for $75 for family portraits.
3/18/2017:  I have a thought. I would like to start a watercolor series on school buildings around the QC. I was inspired by the local artist Paul Norton.
3/18/2017:  I will be starting my next painting soon. It will be of the Hauberg House in Rock Island Illinois.
3/7/2017:  My paintings will be on display April, May and June of 2017 at the Moline Public Library.
2/28/2017: Cards are now available from your own Photos... $12
2/4/2017:  Today we created the Jeff Selander Family Portraits Facebook page!
2/1/2017:  Launched Jeff Selander Family Portraits.
6/3/2016:  My artwork was on display at the Bucktown Center for the Arts in downtown Davenport.
3/20/2016:  My artwork was on display at the John Deere Commons Central Station.